Fit Year Challenge

As we look to 2021, let's set goals, take on new challenges and achieve those goals. As we know big city races are not happening this spring and might not happen this fall, so we are taking matters into our own hands and rolling out the CRC Fit Year Challenge. This year long challenge will keep you moving over the next 365 days! 

You can register at 

The Challenge


On January 1st, 2021, this adventure officially begins! Set a goal to complete 500 mile, 1,200 miles or 2021 miles in 2021! This challenge gives you an excellent test of fitness and a chance to plan to increase your training no matter how many miles you exercise weekly.


How It Works

Most importantly, have fun! You can use any form of non-motorized transport (running, walking, biking, swimming, elliptical) anywhere you want, whenever you want. Go outside or on a treadmill or trainer. Average 3 miles a day or 10 miles a day – there are no set requirements. You manually enter your miles daily into your personal tracking work book. You will be able to see the total miles go down as you input your data. Along the way you will reach various milestone destinations, where you will be able to view with a click. Along the way we will have special events to celebrate different milestones! 


Why is it $25.00? 

You need to invest in your goals and commitments! By committing to the $25.00 registration fee you are saying to yourself that you are serious about your commitment to this challenge!