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Virtual Training 

When I met Kevin I had never run a race, now Kevin has helped me cross the finish line of four half marathons! He's written me personal training plans, checked in on me, and supported my training plan while I traveled! A great running community - Steph E



The purpose of coaching is to take you further in your training than you can take yourself. We excel at helping runners . . .

  • Train for first marathon, half marathon or ultra

  • Run faster. Achieve a personal record (PR) or Boston qualifying time.

  • Run further. Safely train for back to back marathons and mileage increases while minimizing injuries.

  • Get your fitness back. Systematically build your fitness to its pre-injury level.

  • Run more efficiently. Fine tune your nutrition, fueling, and form.

  • Implementation of race day strategy. We will help you evaluate the course and formulate a solid plan for getting through the tough parts of your marathon.

  • Stay motivated -develop positive habits that last a lifetime.

When you sign up for coaching we send you a detailed coaching questionnaire (it covers everything from current health status, goals, past running stats/accomplishments, history of injury, time availability, current fueling, etc).

Kevin will then schedule a personal 1:1 consultation via phone or zoom, to discuss goals and your training. Kevin will then develop the first part of your training plan (usually around 2 weeks at a time).  Kevin will want you to check in with a summary of their workouts at least once a week and your Kevin is available to answer any questions you have and make modifications to your training schedule as needed too. Communication is done via email or text

We have tribe members all over the country taking their running to the next level. Put the power of Crail's Running  Coaching into your training!

Pricing and Availability

Our Virtual program start as little as $45 a month  

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