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The Road to Chi-Town

Good Morning Tribe, 

As I sit here and reflect on the fact that the Chicago Marathon is only 4 days away, I am amazed by how fast time flies and how what a journey it has been. Last night as we wrapped up our track Tuesday event at 7:30 PM and it was dark I thought about those Tuesdays in July and August when it was light out until 8:30 PM and we were sweating from circling the track. This Sunday will be my 28th marathon and I wanted to share what my week looks like leading up to the big race. 

Generally my legs are sore and heavy when during the 2nd week of taper town, and my lower back has been really sore since Saturday. 

  • Monday- Easy 3 miles with the Northampton Running Group - Just an easy run to get the legs moving again, my legs generally feel heavy and sore the 2nd week of tapertown. I start to study the course map and plan out my strategy for the race. 

  • Tuesday- Track Tuesday, I like to do a very light track workout the week of the marathon. Get the legs moving, stride work, and workout the heavy legs also get my last chiropractic adjustment on the Tuesday before the race, this gives my body 4 days to recover from the adjustment and recover from any soreness. 

  • Wednesday- I am getting a 30-minute deep muscle massage on my lower back and legs, break up any lactate acid, loosen up my lower back. I will eat gluten-free pasta starting tonight, and up my water intake. 

  • Thursday- I will run 6-8 miles very easy and slow, to get my body ready for the race, I will start to pack for the trip and review my race strategyFriday- Finish packing, Since we are flying to Chicago I may not run on

  • Friday, I do not like being sore then going on a plane I do not like to risk leg cramps. I will also hydrate extra because flying can dehydrate you. I will take in extra carbs. 

  • Saturday- Expo Time and stretching, I try to stay off my feet as much as I can the day before the race, we will go to the expo and take in the area around the expo but generally I try and relax the day before the race, Dinner will consist of some sort of fish. I will layout my clothes the night before, get my food ready and ensure my watch, headphones and phone are charged.   

  • Sunday- Race Day! Breakfast- Gluten-Free Oatmeal, coffee and banana, From our hotel the walk to the start is less then 1/4 of a mile, which is awesome.

Am I ready? That is always the question that is asked. before a marathon. I will find out on Sunday morning around 7:45 AM.

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