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Baby it's Cold Outside

Man it was cold yesterday when I went out for me run! I decided to wait until the afternoon to go out for my scheduled run. I debated on going to Planet Fitness and doing the death mill, but I decided to layer up and take the dogs for a run. The dogs did not seem to mind the cold weather, but I will say they ran the entire time which is new for Dexter since he likes to sniff and pee along the way. But yesterday he decided that it was best to keep running until we were finished. After 3.25 miles I took the dogs home and went out for 3 more miles. My pace was good by the wind did make it difficult to run the entire time. The cold air was only bad when the wind was really kicking up. It is during those time when you have to know when to take a break so you do not kill your lungs. Over all my run was very productive and I am glad I got it done. If you are going to do a spring race you are going to have to run outside at time. Once I got going I warmed up and felt good, The funny thing about running in zero degrees is that you really are the only one out there getting it done. But these are the time that make you stronger and faster. If you layer up and make sure you are careful not to run on the ice, you can get a good run done.

Tonight is speed on the track, it should be in the 20's degree wise! As we like to say "Bring It"!

Keep training hard !

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